Seasonal Fairy Gardens

Autumn Fairy Garden

This garden is all decked out for fall with colorful wreaths, a ghost pillow and even a black cat!

Many people enjoy decorating their houses for the holidays. These seasonal decorations can also carry over to our fairy gardens. Depending on your taste, the decorating can be subtle or over-the-top! You can make a few changes to your garden for the season or use the season as an excuse to create a new garden (as if we need any excuses! Once you have been bit by the mini garden bug, you are hooked!) Here are a couple of examples of fall/Halloween gardens.

This first garden is an example of decorating for the fall season. The pillow on the chair has been changed, a couple of fall wreaths have been added to the arbor as well as a couple of pumpkins.

Spooky Fairy Garden

This garden is all set for Halloween!

This next garden is one designed for Halloween. The straw bundles are raffia cut into smaller lengths and tied together. The skeleton is from a garland that I bought at the dollar store. I gently bent the arms and legs to get him to sit. If you want to carry this theme even further, add in some small dead branches as dead trees.

No matter how you decide to decorate, the important thing is to enjoy yourself. Be creative and have fun.