Fairy Garden Inspiration

plants for inspiration
Last weekend, I held a couple of workshops for making your own fairy and miniature gardens. After the workshops, I was combining the plants into one flat and it occurred to me that there was a really neat mix of plants. It got me to wondering what I could put together as demo gardens. So, here are the results! I hope they inspire you to be creative.

Fairy Garden Inspiration 1
For this garden, the fairies have lots of places to sit, rest and visit.

Fairy Garden Inspiration 3

This garden includes some accessories for the birds who enjoy coming to see the fairies while they visit with one another and maybe enjoy a cup of tea. Bunny rabbits also love fairy gardens so don’t be surprised if you find one finding under a plant!

fairy garden inspiration 2

This swing is a great spot for a fairy to relax.

Fairies like to play

After working in the garden, fairies love to play!
Be sure to give them a space where they can enjoy their activities.

Miniature Garden plant chart